Round-up the Middle-Class Bleeding-Heart Liberal Politically Correct Do-Gooders

Is there anything more annoying that a member of the Hang-‘Em-Flog-‘Em Brigade?

Yes there is.

It’s a billion times more annoying than the huffing and puffing of the armchair whinger who will try to bring up how a good spell in the army will sort things out, or how a good whipping to within an inch of their life would teach schoolkids how to behave, and how everything was better back in the old days.

Root of all evil – the Bleeding-Heart – PLUCK IT OUT

Far more annoying than the Hang-‘Em-Flog-‘Em Brigade are the Middle-Class Bleeding-Heart Liberal Politically Correct Do-Gooders.

The Hang-‘Em-Flog-‘Em Brigade are mainly extremely embarrassing, annoying arseholes.  It’s the Middle-Class Bleeding-Heart Liberal Politically Correct Do-Gooders that are a billion times worse and are in the category of “really really fucking-annoying arseholes”.

These are the people who are destroying our country.  We need to do something to stop them.

I’m not sure if it is through complete ignorance on their part, utter stupidity, or with malice that they have done everything in their power to degrade society’s ability to gain respect and law and order from the dickhead elements within it.

Recently, the dickhead element of our society was estimated to be centred on around 120,000 dysfunctional families who were the main protagonists and causes of unrest and the fear that currently rules us.

However, they wouldn’t be getting away with it and ruling their neighbourhood with fear and destruction were it not for the Middle-Class Bleeding-Heart Liberal Politically Correct Do-Gooders who have ensured that we as a society are powerless to stop them.  They have carefully eroded any structure, framework and rules that society once had into the insignificant and apologetic blob of blubber that’s left behind.  They think they’ve done it without any chance of there being a consequence for their destruction of British society.

Well, there is a consequence.  Like the looters and rioters you grew and allowed to destroy our society through your actions, we’re coming to get you.  You will be held to account.

Yep, I’m with the Hang-‘Em-Flog-‘Em Brigade on this one.  It’s time to round-up the Middle-Class Bleeding-Heart Liberal Politically Correct Do-Gooders and give them a damn good ‘kicking*’ for what they’ve done to us.

(*’Kicking’ is a word that has multiple meanings and is not an incitement to involve an illegal act. I say this as I don’t want a 4 year jail sentence, ok?!) 


  1. because of these types of people and their own take on YOOMUN rights the respect that was taught to us as youngsters has vanished from our society. they amongst many are sadly partly to blame for the attitudes the decent people of the uk have to endure on a daily basis. lets get back to basics and teach our children to say please and thankyou, to hold a door for the person behind you, teach them it's not right to jump your turn at a shop counter and to treat people with respect these are small things but eventually add up.


  2. Spot on Chris, they all need a really good kicking and I feel encouraged by your posting to go and do just that. Time to go and get the little faggots and smack a few heads really hard.

    No more loony left, let the uprising start here and now!

    It's time to kick these scum, *kick em hard, we will exact our revenge from today onwards.

    *Please also note that the words kick, kicking, smack, uprising and revenge have a multitude of meanings and should not be taken literally, however gun the filth down is a bit of a giveaway so I did not use that one.

    Peace and Love
    Agatha Christie


  3. Agatha,

    I assume 'little faggots' referred to the meaty dish you intended to eat before the metaphorical 'smacking' of 'a few heads really hard' by engaging them in conversation and discussion until they saw the error of their ways, of course.


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