Snowdon defies Global Warming alarmists

The wild and worrisome weather, eh?  Actually, forget the weather, how about the catastrophic Global Warming / Climate Change we are suffering from, eh?


As mentioned before, the hyped panic and predictions about the effects of ‘Global Warming’ are now coming home to roost just as the predictions for Judgement Day did for Harold Camping.  When enough time passes, and the deadlines provided by these ‘experts’ come and go uneventfully, you can only feel sorry for those who were taken in by their Armageddon stories.

Let’s take my nearest mountain, Snowdon.  Back in December 2004 in the Daily Telegraph, an alarmist journalist spewed the party line that, “It may be one of the last white Christmases on Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales. Scientists have reported that snow is disappearing from the peak as the snowline retreats due to global warming.”  The headline “Snowdon to lose its snowcaps by 2020” highlighted the story which ignored the fact that only a few years earlier, the ice and snow had been so bad that two climbers had become stuck and had to be rescued by helicopter.

Sadly, a few years later in 2009, the same reporter was writing up the tragic story of how two brothers had died in “ice-bound Mount Snowdon” after an accident on a training mission.  That same year 70 days were lost on the construction of the peak-top cafe due to bad weather and waist-high snow.  Similarly deep snow was reported in 2010.

Then, last week he did a piece to surround a pretty picture of snow falling on the top of Snowdon and covering the little railway that goes to the summit.  Hmmm.  No further mentions of Global Warming from the journalist in question.  I wonder why.

The original story about how the top of Snowdon would become anything but its name, was also carried by the local North West News as part of a panic and worry story in 2007, during which it reported on a National Trust exhibition of photographs of snowed on and then not snowed on Snowdon.  Conveniently shocked reactions came from the then Welsh Environment Minister, and no doubt there were discussions about taxing people for the lack of snow.

It also made the Global Warming alarmist mouthpiece, the BBC, that same year, with their on-line piece rattling on about how the lack of snow forever was just 15 years away.  Hmmm.  In 2004 it was scheduled for 2020.  Then in 2007 it was scheduled for 2022.  Is the idea that you secretly keep slipping further into the future for your target date of something terrible happening (or not) and nobody will notice?

The whole Global Warming scare with its associated tales of destruction is, yet again, turning out to be just not true in ways that anybody can simply see.  Why isn’t anybody stopping these erroneous articles being published to scare the public?