Tidy desk? – nothing to do!

Not me, not my desk, not even slightly similar. Honest.

I like my desk untidy.

It’s MY desk with MY things on it and nobody else uses it.

I know where everything is.

It doesn’t distract from the way I function.

It’s how I function.

Ah, but.

Somebody else prefers her desk tidy.

It’s HER desk with HER things on it and nobody else uses it.

I guess she knows where everything is.

I guess it doesn’t distract from how she functions.

I guess it’s how she functions.

Yet, she’s always tidying up my desk (to the point where I can’t find anything), and apparently that’s acceptable.

However, it was totally unacceptable when I decided to untidy her desk in return.  Blimey, she went crazy at me.


I told her that in my opinion, if she had time to not only tidy her own desk but to then also keep tidying mine, she obviously didn’t have enough work to do!

She sulked for three days and got out a voodoo doll of me and stuck pins in it very neatly.

But, I’m right aren’t I?  Why do people with tidy fetishes assume they should impose their tidy OCD on others?  They can’t take it when the roll reverses.  Don’t they know that the brain (even theirs) works by random access filing that is certainly not even slightly tidy, ever?  Pah!

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  1. Just remember these words of wisdom: A clean desk is the sign of an empty mind.


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