The WordPress – tumblr – Blogger – WordPress route

Too much Christopher England for a single brain

I don’t really recall it, but the evidence seems to suggest that in 2007 I moved from wherever I was writing before, and started using WordPress (When I say ‘WordPress‘, I of course mean the hosted version via WordPress dot com).

That sounds vague, ah-uh, but I’m not too sure.  I recall back in the 1990s, well late 1990s, writing regular-ish posts to directly into html and it not having any actual content management system.  Previous to this, I wrote on various ‘majordomo’ e-mail lists, which themselves mutated to Yahoogroups (after various companies before Yahoo), and I recall writing quite prolifically on what became the now sadly lost and forgotten Anorak Nation.  That, however, was about old radio.

Being a know-it-all, I needed somewhere to write my own stuff, and ‘blogging‘ had developed.  I guess my early stuff written in raw html was a kind of pre-blogging blogging.  Anyway, in 2007 I started using WordPress (dot com).  Actually, I was using it before 2007, but not as Christopher England.  So, some sporadic Christopher England spurts existed on WordPress back in 2007.

Come late 2008, I shuffled everything to tumblr.  It was tumblr that was fresh, new, and offering so much more than the then quite backward WordPress.  I wanted to be part of it.  I stayed until mid 2010, and by this time I was well on my mission to produce one post, however trivial, each and every day.  That’s a ‘tradition’ I have maintained ever since.

2010 was when I leapt onwards to Blogger which was more supportive of my kind of needs than tumblr was.Blogger was superior to tumblr and WordPress. It suited my needs, and it charged me nothing for the pointing of to it.

The years went on, and tumblr became awesome, but not necessarily for me or attractive to my needs, and WordPress slowly shuffled forward and became superior to Blogger in so many ways.  Blogger, whilst remaining a fine platform, had sort of gotten stuck in time and remained at a sort of ‘entry level’ stage. WordPress (dot com) out performs it, despite having some strange and bizarre and annoying ways of going about dealing with photos inside posts.  Actually, the way that ‘posts’ are compiled is like stepping back in time compared to the ease of Blogger.

This old fashioned post-writing mode is the only criticism I have.  So, this week, despite it costing me money to have a nice ‘Theme’, and costing me money to have control over said Theme, and costing me money to point to it, and costing me money to avoid having adverts all over the place, I returned to WordPress (dot com).

As a little extra touch I was able to import into my new host, all of the posts that had originally sat on tumblr and Blogger, to join the Archives already here.  So, in one single place, we now have all of England’s England from 2007 through to today.  That’s a lot of posts, a lot of words, a mighty shrine.

It is my hope over the coming months, to develop some ‘pages’ and additional parts of the site with reference material and some other stuff.  As well as keeping up with a daily rant about the same old stuff I rant about, of course.  Thanks for your continuing support and interest.  Please always feel free to engage me on any subject, either here via the comments, or come find me on Google+ (preferably), Twitter or Facebork.

Love ya.