John and Scott do it again

I have had a slight man crush on John Barrowman since he first appeared spectacularly on Doctor Who.  His character, Captain Jack Harkness, just grew more mysterious and compelling as he developed within Doctor Who, and then the spin off Torchwood.  The early episodes of Torchwood were must-see, but it all went a bit odd and self-destructive for the last mini-series or two.

Having logged him in my head as a damn fine sci-fi actor, I suddenly discovered him doing a Saturday evening singing, dancing, and audience surprise feel good prime time family show.   This show is not my kind of thing, but I recall being surprised at how he was actually a good all round entertainer. Damn him.  Perfect in so many ways. Not that I’m hoping to hook up with him or anything romantic, you understand.

In reality, this larger than life Scotsman with an American accent has for a very long time been Scott‘s man.

Having lived together forever, in 2006 they joined together via a UK Civil Partnership.  Embarrassing for our backward society, that was the nearest they could get to an actual marriage.  Then, last week they finally got a full-on Marriage Certificate in California, where same sex couples have at last been given equality with different sex couples.

John Barrowman has a huge fan base, and news of his wedding flashed around social media, especially throughout communities dedicated to sci-fi, Torchwood and Doctor Who.

What was then interesting was the number of posters who came forward to label the marriage as disgusting.  Indeed, the fact that gays could get married seemed to be abhorrent to these negative people.  Further more, for quite a few, homosexuality was evil and so therefore John and Scott would burn in hell forever.

Yes, without exception, those spoiling what was the couple’s beautiful and very special day, were god-botherers. Mainly Christians, of course, although a few were Muslim.  In fairness, I was reading the comments within a ‘community’ or two designed for sci-fans, so it was probably normally more a ‘Western’ place.  However, the venom, hatred and intolerance was constant, and reflected on Twitter and Facebork.

Picking parts of the Bible to quote as an excuse, their homophobia got quite heated.

I find it very hard to hate, and these Christians do truly ‘hate’ (they do ‘hatred’ so very well), a person based on something they can’t change or alter.  I mean, there’s no logic in ‘hating’ somebody who is Black, somebody who is crippled, somebody who is short, somebody who is tall, somebody who is male, somebody who is female, somebody who is straight, somebody who is gay.

The colour of skin, ability to walk, height, sex and sexuality is not something over which we have any choice.  It’s just who or what we are.

Yet, Christians seem to have the bizarre idea that sexuality is a lifestyle ‘choice’.  Kinda like ‘choosing’ to be Black or ‘choosing’ to be White might be. This bizarre belief is hard to educate them beyond.

Whilst I can ‘choose’ what clothes to wear, or even choose how to behave with other people, I cannot choose my height, my skin colour, my age, or my sexuality.  In religious terms, my height, skin colour, age and sexuality are all ‘God given’.  They are who I am, not my lifestyle choice. No ‘choosing’ is involved.

Why do the god-botherers ‘hate‘ gay people so much?  That seems to fly in the face of all the teaching about ‘love’ and tolerance that they pretend their religion represents.

And, how awful that anybody should want to slag off a loving couple on their wedding day.  But, hey ho, such is the power of Christianity.