How Scousers treat helpful shop keepers

On a Wednesday, three pieces of Scouse scum went into this small newsagents in Priory Road, Anfield, North Liverpool.  They, as is usual in that area, were very stoned and drunk.

Between them, and nothing to do with the shop-keeper, they had a fight, during which one of them stabbed another in the arm.  The injury meant the victim had to go to hospital.  He was so stoned at the time, that despite his injury spewing blood, he calmly paid for cigarettes and left the shop leaving a trail of blood.

The shop-keeper then made the terrible mistake of trying to help by providing police and media with extracts from his CCTV footage of the incident and the assailants.  He spoke publicly of the incident, parts of which appeared in the local paper.

Of course, this type of action is not allowed in the twisted minds of the Scouse scum that were involved.  They like to use terror to reign and control the area.

This is the Scouse scum way.

So, a few days later, on the Saturday, they taught the shop-keeper a lesson.  Wearing masks and with their hoodies up high, as they wanted to avoid any chance they might be identified again, they entered the shop and swore racist abuse at the Srilankan shop-keeper.  They then sloshed around an ‘accelerant’ and set fire to his shop before strolling off.

The poor shop-keeper tried to put it out, but got quite seriously burnt, putting him in hospital.

By the time the fire brigade was able to respond, the fire had gutted the shop and taken control of the flat above.  Luckily, the two residents managed to escape with their lives rather than burn to death.

So, the entire building, that’s the shop and the flat above, as well as the businesses next door, are destroyed.  The shop-keeper had lost everything.  As with so many small businesses, he could only afford the minimum of insurance.  He is now completely penniless.

However, to the sick Scouse scum, all this is funny.

And, the Scouse scum code of silence is such that nobody dare say anything to identify those who carried out the attack.  They keep quiet because of the climate of fear that is generated by those who terrorise and ‘own’ an area.  They know that these awful Scouse scum bullies punish anybody who they consider is a ‘grass’.  The Scouse scum considered the shop-keeper a ‘grass’.

Not ‘grassing’ is a very mistaken act of loyalty that allows most Liverpudlian street criminals to do what they want when they want because everybody is far too frighten to challenge or stop them. They just look the other way or ‘don’t want to get involved’.

It’s time the locals grew the balls to not allow these lowlife Scouse scum bullies to ‘rule’ North Liverpool.