Thatcher the milk snatcher

The hatred for Margaret Thatcher in Liverpool continues to this day.  It’s hilarious.

Talking to anybody in their 50s or above, it’s not long before they start saying, “Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher!” and groan on about how wrong and evil she was to take away free milk from school children.

As they talk, veins start to pop out in their forehead and they clench their fists as if they are making ready to punch her. (Punching is the common solution to all problems around here.)

They foam on about the milk thing as if it had just happened.  The reality is a lot different.

Firstly, years before Margaret Thatcher’s involvement, it was Harold Wilson‘s Labour Government who in 1968 were the actual milk snatchers.  The Labour Government took away free milk from secondary schools, and so from all children over 11 years of age.

Yet, conveniently, these anti-Thatcherites never foam on about how terrible the Labour party were to do such a thing.

They prefer to focus on 1971 when Thatcher extended the original Labour party milk ban down a further 4 years to 7 year olds.  Kids under 7 still had free milk at school under Thatcher.

So, whilst remaining strangely silent about the Labour party removing school milk 3 years before, the foamers will moan on and on about Thatcher extending its removal to the over 7s instead of just the over 11s.

And, they’ll talk about it as if it had just happened, rather than it actually having happened over 40 years ago. Yep, they are obsessed with something that happened 40 years ago as if it happened yesterday.

The Labour party has been in power many times in that 40 years, yet they are never moaned at for not repealing the decision to cease free school milk, let alone moaned at for taking it away in the first place.  Nope, the attention is still on Margaret Thatcher, bless these poor souls who scream about her being a ‘milk snatcher’.

Free school milk is now only available to the under 5s.  For everybody else it costs £15 a term, which isn’t too bad.

Oh, and nobody screamed and wailed when it dropped down to being free for under 5s instead of for under 7s.  I wonder why?

So, it’s interesting looking at the mentality of these foamers who obsess about Margaret Thatcher and free school milk 40 years after the event.  Are they maaaaad?  Yep, they’re maaaaaaaad.

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  1. What dreadful nonsense is being spewed out after the passing of the greatest peace-time PM GB has been blessed with. She probably would have been greater than Churchill, had she governed in 1940.

    I admit I never voted Tory until her last term and having met Major several times would never vote for him…love him as a neghbour, hate him as weak and useless leader.

    Thatcher crushed the Trade Union movement which was determined to destroy the country and transformed it into a very reasonable body of (for once) intelligent men.

    She went too far in her plans for privatisation, but that was the solution to curb third rate Unions committing suicide and pulling the country down with them.

    Funny that Blair continued to copy her policies and create at least a decade of incredible prosperity for the UK…pity that he was saddled with Brown as a sidekick.

    There are no new leaders now for the UK… just a list of no-namers who couldn't even pass the general knowledge questions in TV Quiz shows, let alone hold a dialogue about running a household or a company…they have absolutely no experience of real life.

    Surely it's time for a real change before we go the way of Cyprus?


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