The countdown to disaster has started

Here’s your 12 month warning.  Power cuts are on the way.

Electricity requirements within the UK cannot be met by the amount we are generating.  There won’t be enough available across Europe for us to buy, either.

With no electricity, electrically heated homes will become freezers.  Homes with gas fired central heating won’t escape either.  Electricity is needed in order for the pumps to run to circulate the heated water.

Indeed, homes without calor gas or paraffin heaters, or maybe actual fireplaces as a back up, will be plunged into an unforgiving Arctic temperature and complete darkness.

People will die. Lots of people will die.

People will die unnecessarily.  People will die because of a bizarre European wide ‘energy policy’ which has been slowly introduced over the last decade or so by those Governments succumbing to the false man-made Global Warming fear.

The lie of man-made Global Warming is that we humans are in some way contributing to the warming of our planet by the Carbon Dioxide we emit, essentially when we are generating electricity.  Carefully slipped into legislation is the demand that perfectly adequate power generating stations be shut down.  The alternative is they have to pay a ‘fine’ that exceeds what is ever going to be affordable.

That’s right, perfectly adequate, perfectly serviceable, perfectly capable of supplying more than enough of our electricity needs, power generating stations are being forced offline and to be moth-balled or decommissioned in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that actually don’t need to be reduced.

Already Millions of Pounds worth of subsidy has been paid to the companies putting together worthless wind farms and other ‘renewables’, lining the pockets of those jumping on the band-wagon to the detriment of the already squeezed poor and low paid who have seen massive increases in the energy bills forcing them into food and energy poverty.

Choices are already having to be made between whether to freeze to death or to starve to death.  This is an unbelievable situation to have in this Millennium.

Well, now for everybody comes the reality of power cuts the like of which we’ve not seen since the 1970s. And, as I mentioned, with heating for homes tending to have focused on central systems, we are a lot more vulnerable than we were in the 1970s when most people still had fireplaces and portable calor gas and paraffin heaters.

Rather than waiting until cleaner alternatives were online and capable of replacing the power being generated by the now deemed as ‘dirty’ power stations, they were forced to shut down.  Even more will be gone by this time next year.

We will be struggling to survive with a full power supply this winter, our margins of reserve capacity whilst slashed to dangerous levels are just about able to cover the demand for this year.  However, by next winter with even more forced offline for no reason, that’s when demand will exceed supply and we will be subjected to rolling power cuts.

The human-haters will be excited by this.  They love to ‘punish’ their own species and making old and vulnerable people suffer and die from cold is well within their agenda.

The only way to stop this human suffering will be to keep the perfectly fine power stations online and generating.  At the same time, legislation needs to be overturned, and the stupidity of what is being forced upon British people needs to be challenged.

Especially so when, despite the huge quantities of carbon dioxide we are still emitting, the globe is showing signs of cooling not warming, all computer models predicting Armageddon have failed, and the connection between what we emit and the overall global temperatures is being increasing thought to not be proved.

Despite the shift in the thoughts of those studying the science, the advocates continue to shout loudly that the world is warming and it’s all our fault.  Their noise is drowning out the science and their noise will be causing the mass slaughter of so many of us this time next year.