PETA puts up posters that encourage children to smoke

Some might say that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is one of those weirdo cults joined by those people who are confused and suffering the delusions that malnutrition causes.

As is shown around the world, those who can’t or won’t eat a balanced diet tend to behave irrationally. Very rarely do vegans or vegetarians eat a properly balanced diet.  That’s why they always look so ill and tend to die at much earlier ages than normal people.  Their high level of paranoia and mental illness does tend to make large numbers of them a danger to society.

They hate humanity with a passion.  They are very similar to the eco-loony religion full of people who want to destroy their own species (you and me) in order to ‘save the planet’ in their imaginary paranoid belief that we are in some way damaging it in the first place.

Those waving the highly funded PETA banners put other species ahead of their own.  Not fruit and vegetation mind, just animals and fish.  They will quite happily consume fruit and vegetation whilst it is still alive and capable of screaming (their screams have been scientifically measured) as they are unceremoniously shredded and pulped in the mouth and then forced down the gullet.

Yep, these are the people who treat life differently depending on how it looks, rather than treating it all the same.  Very strange.

Well, their latest idea is to let impressionable children see pictures of babies smoking cigars.


They’ve put up a billboard in Liverpool that clearly shows a baby smoking a cigar.

Children need only the slightest push into the world of smoking, and this latest campaign by the PETA human haters is designed to ensure it.

They cover up their bizarre mind-games designed to encourage copy-cat child smoking with the pretence that their message is that eating meat is in some way directly linked to cancer or heart disease.  Their scare campaign is based on a single scientific paper that surveyed the eating habits of those who contracted cancer.  The ever opportunist gang suffering from veganism then took the opportunity to add to the scare of ‘this’ or ‘that’ causing cancer, and they splashed out on this billboard poster in Liverpool.  Why pick on us?

Obviously, any message about the imaginary benefits of eating only fruit and vegetation is of course lost as passers-by are horrified to see the baby smoking the cigar, and have to worry that their children won’t try to copy the poster.  Children are so easily influenced by the things they see and quick to jump to the assumption that they need to copy.     

Maybe if these people ate a balanced diet they wouldn’t be so full of anger and paranoia about their own species, and wouldn’t go around digging up people’s dead relatives and attempting to kill humans they didn’t agree with.  But, as with an alcoholic desperately trying to get others around them to join them in a ‘drink’, so it seems these vegans are desperate to get others to become addicted to their own quirky eating habits.

We are fighting a battle to try to save those suffering from bulimia, anorexia and other eating disorders. It’s probably time we tried to help those suffering from veganism.