The scum that waits for the hand-out I’ve paid for

Sometimes I work 20 hour days.  Sometimes I work unsocial hours.  Sometimes I’m forced to spend time away from home.

In return for this, I earn my money, buy my toys, and am able to enjoy the times when I’m not working.
Now then.  Before your knee-jerk reaction to what I’m about to moan about, let me pre-emptively state that I am fully aware of how evil the Bankers are, of how the pursuit of profit by the few leads to poverty for the many. Yeah, I know all that bullshit!
But I want to focus on the other kind of scum.  These are the ones that have never worked a day in their lives.  These are the junkie scum.
These are the people I spied loudly queuing at a cash machine at about half past midnight one morning. Accompanied by their young and over-tired children and ugly attack dogs, they took it in turns to try to focus long enough to be able to withdraw money from the machine.
You see, as with all automated BACS payments, at exactly midnight money had been transferred by the Department of Work and Pensions into their specialist cut-down Basic Bank Accounts.  It goes in at the same time on the same day of the week, every fortnight.  
Within minutes they had drawn out as much as they could.
Then for most it was into the conveniently located adjacent phonebox (phone booth).
Phoneboxes are only used to make contact with drug dealers; Blackberry mobile phones are used for everything else.  The huge quantity of phoneboxes in the North West compared to the dwindling number down south always puzzled me.  That was until I got the nod that phoneboxes are there to make drug orders from.  Now I understand.
The sight of twenty or so druggies and drunks so desperate for their fixes that they queue up at almost one in the morning to collect their hand-out of some of the money I’d worked so very hard for and had taken from me in taxes made me sick.  That’s my tax money they are injecting, snorting, smoking or drinking back in the free houses that they have for life, paid for by me for the rest of their life.
They’ve done nothing for any of it.  
I tried to find a positive.  My only conclusion was that since it was their free money hand-out day, statistically that night there would be less muggings and house robberies as they now had enough cash to buy a few days of high before resorting to hurting others in order to pay for their fixes.  
I suppose that must be worth paying for, but it’s not right and it’s not good.  I’d much prefer it if we could put all this scum to sleep and recycle the money we’d save.

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  1. I didn't realise you live in Drimnagh, Dublin 12 where this Bank of Ireland ATM machine is located.

    More of a case of Englands Ireland?


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