Are we ready for a frozen life when the Sun goes out?

It’s fairly obvious to anybody but the weirdest, that the primary driving force of the overall temperatures of the different hemispheres on this planet of ours is the Sun.

Some humans wish to elevate man’s importance to that of the Sun, and have decided that the world is warming and it’s all our fault.

However, the reality is that we are entering a period of extended cooling in the northern hemisphere.  This has been forecast for a considerable period by those who study the Sun and have been wondering about its lacklustre performance of late.  Further evidence has been published this month that indicates more strongly than before that we may be heading for a Grand Solar Minimum as deep as that of the Maunder Minimum which plummeted the UK and Europe into the extreme cold during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

Back in the 1600s the Thames famously froze over and people were skating on it.  We should expect similar to start happening from about 2020 onwards, with a slow gradual ramp from now heading towards that period.

However, with the politically motivated pre-occupation with the belief that we are facing Global Warming, all is geared to a response to completely the wrong set of inevitable events.

When most of the country is whited out and frozen, will we be able to produce enough energy and food to keep our population warm and fed?

We are already being forced into fuel poverty by the ridiculous carbon taxation that is there to subsidise energy produced by devices that certainly won’t function at the prolonged sub-zero temperatures that we are about to endure.  Frozen solid wind turbines, and ice locked hydro-electric plants, alongside land impossible to farm, and water impossible to deliver to the home will throw us into such severe shortages that mass death is inevitable.

In truth, rather than pay lip service to the pretend man-made climate change lobby, this country should be building and protecting its infrastructure in order to cope with what truly lays ahead.

We need a rapid programme of enhanced nuclear energy generation for sure, and to look at ways to protect our food production and distribution, and to ensure utility supplies to our homes and methods of protecting roads and other communications in order to give us some level of mobility during the many months each year of snow and freezing conditions.

However, we are too busy looking at exactly the opposite.  We are stupidly concentrating on doing things which will actually make it so much harder to survive the inevitable effects of the coming Grand Solar Minimum.

We are on a serious path to self destruction, because, unlike during the last Grand Solar Minimum, we are no longer self-sufficient within a local community or local household.  We rely on things being produced elsewhere and delivered to us, and 99% of city, town and village dwellers have no idea how to survive in that fashion in this modern era.  Once those things we need can’t get to us, we have no idea how to keep and slaughter our own animals or grow our own food, even if the resources were actually there.  We won’t have a clue how to keep ourselves warm and healthy.  This will be especially difficult when there’s not enough electricity to go round, and we are stuck in our homes with no heat and no food.

The current lack of response to the coming ice age is outrageous and suicidal.  It is almost akin to a deliberate ploy to depopulate through starvation and freezing us to death.