Poverty? It’s all part of the global warmist plan

Ok, mainstream news media, tell me something we don’t know.

What’s that you say?  People across the UK are plummeting into poverty?  No shit, Sherlock.

The problem is that mainstream media hasn’t quite got a grasp on what’s actually happening and why, mainly because mainstream media is part of it.  Unwittingly it’s unavoidably in on it.

But sea levels aren’t actually rising, are they, stoopid?

I’ve published many rants about how things like the ridiculous ‘carbon trading’ surcharges and taxes are being forced onto the energy producers who in turn are forcing them onto the consumers as part of the global warming con.  In the middle and suffering are the food producers who, struggle as they might, can’t avoid spiralling costs.

But, these are not real costs.  They are pretend costs being forced upon everybody by the global warming religion in pointless surcharges, taxes and ‘fines’ that just shouldn’t be there.

The result of these newly imposed religious taxes is that everything is suddenly costing an artificially higher amount more in order to pay for all the pretend mumbo-jumbo.

But people are not being paid any higher wages than they were, so things are very rapidly costing so much more of the average income.  Indeed, the basic payments for somebody (genuinely) living on Jobseeker’s Allowance cannot now possibly cover the cost of basic living, forcing them into genuine poverty, forcing them to steal or to engage in prostitution in order to survive.

Families on reasonable, but not brilliant, incomes are also suffering.  Serious choices are having to be made about whether to keep warm in the coming freeze or to eat properly.  Most will compromise by spending time shivering whilst eating what was reduced or an economical ‘own brand’ option of bare essentials.

The extremely wealthy global warming religious machinery costs us a fortune and is forcing poverty onto us.

The extremely wealthy global warming religious machinery is in the hands of people who really have this self-hatred of humanity, and want us to be to blame for something, anything, so that they can organise our collective punishment.

Remember that centuries ago these were the people who’d sacrifice young girls at an altar to appease what they thought were volcano gods, or to the sun in order to encourage it to return following the shortest day!

Today they chose the global warming religion because it’s one that sounds plausible, and again, mankind can be to blame and it allows them to punish their fellow man (Which is, after all, what it’s really about).  Although the science is confused and constantly having to be revised, the actual consensus is that, well, nobody can say one way or the other.  It appears that man has little to no influence on the global climate, and certainly absolutely none whatsoever when compared to the ups and downs of our hissing and spitting sun and how it can cause half-century long warming periods or ice ages.

But, the warmists have found the thing to blame – the carbon dioxide (renamed ‘carbon’ because it makes it sound dirtier) we emit as we do things, like burning natural resources like oil or coal in order to produce electricity.  The blame is now well out of the hands of the scientists as a huge highly financed machinery of non-Governmental organisations and enviro-con band-wagon jumping human-haters have taken the unsettled science, barked that it’s settled and no longer open to debate or examination, shouting down anybody who dares to ask questions, and created a huge global financial system of ‘taxing’ and making a fortune from punishing humanity.

The UK slowly slipping into poverty is one result.  Oh how they must be cheering.  They love nothing more than blaming and punishing humanity and seeing us suffer.

The only way to escape from their punishment and their forcing of us into poverty would be to reject their control over us as a country, as a species, and for us to distance ourselves from their bonkers legislation and rules coming from the EU and the UN.

There will always be mad people who want humanity to be to blame for something, and gleefully ensure humanity is punished or inconvenienced because of what they’ve decided we are to blame for.

We have to resist them before they actually end up killing us all!

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  1. I must admit to being extremely cynical with the global warmist ideas. I suspect we are going through a cyclical climate change but will end up back where we all started from in the next couple or so.

    When I was a kid in the 1970's everyone was talking about a mini ice age. As worldwide socialism collapsed, the environmentalist movement sprang into its void and now thousands rely on the environment for their financial and spiritual wellbeing.

    I might not be around to see I was right or wrong but I do suspect the environmentalists will have egg on their faces…


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