The Ice Age is coming!

Oh dear.  The Sun has got his hat on, and he’s come out to play, and we are in trouble it seems.  Early conclusions are that we are all doomed!

The Ice Age cometh.

Of course, part of the problem when it comes to prediction is that a lot of our understanding of this planet’s history is based on extensive guesswork and theory.  We guess at the sequence of events, and if we are right about what we are currently seeing then, maybe not in my lifetime, but certainly in my grandchildren’s lifetime (if I had any) we are slipping into an Ice Age.

We have Ice Ages (or more accurately ‘Glacial Ages’) every so often.  Did anything actually survive the last super Ice Age?  Maybe there was a humanity that had evolved up to our level or beyond, ahead of one of the previous Ice Ages.  Maybe the Ice Age just massacred humanity and erased everything it had done up to that point, destroying all real traces of civilisation and what had gone before.  It seems that we do survive Glacial Ages though, we just have to move more to the equator and kill those pesky folk who already live there so we can have and use their land.

Well, it’s all a theory.  One no doubt that those who want to constantly believe we are all doomed will now start to follow and weep about.   It’ll definitely replace the pretend tale of man-made global warming that’s for sure, and very rapidly too.

So, here’s the nitty gritty.  The Sun is currently commanding great influence over this and all its planets in a way we’ve not witnessed before because we didn’t exist to witness it.

Because of the Sun’s current activity some suggest we are seeing an influence over not only the changing global weather patterns including the development of  ‘superstorms’ (which the global warming religion wants to blame humanity for), but more alarmingly over our magnetic poles.

The magnetic poles are of course not fixed, tending to swing about a little back and forth, and there is evidence that they have ‘swapped’ on many occasions during the planet’s pre-human history, even as little as 780,000 years ago.  Since we’ve been intelligent enough to watch them and measure them properly, we’ve been observing a movement of the (magnetic) North Pole of about 5 miles a year towards Russia over many decades.

Suddenly, however, about a decade ago it sped up.  Currently the North Pole is travelling east at a rate of 40 miles per year.  That’s an 800% increase, and it’s likely to get faster!  So we are entering a polar flip cycle, with North about to become South and South about to become North.  It is during this polar flip change that things go a little oddball and we suffer climatic unrest and the dreaded superstorms that can so easily wipe out complete civilisations, so say those who really desperately want to feed us their best case doom and gloom scenario.

The end. We’re all doomed

Cracks have also been observed in the magnetic field fluctuations, allowing for far greater influence on the components of our atmosphere, and possibly opening up potential windows for genetic damage to life on our planet as it becomes exposed to influences it is usually shielded from. That’s of course even more of the ‘we’re all doomed’ speculation, and I’m sure it’ll get someone somewhere a lot of funding to further research it.

Away from the speculation are the facts: The Earth’s wobble has stopped, the poles appear to be moving at an accelerated rate away from where they are normally, some think we’re seeing superstorms and increased rapid climatic changes, but we can definitely measure what the Sun is doing differently and it is definitely to blame, ok?

All of this points to a coming Ice Age at the behest of our lovely Sun, so we’re all doomed!

Or maybe we’re not all doomed.  The only way we can be sure is to give me lots of money so that I can research this further.  Or we’re all doomed.