Multiculturalism is bad

According to our leader Mr Cameron, multiculturalism isn’t good.  Hoo-bloody-ray for finally waking up and smelling the coffee.

The common mistake throughout the world is to believe that radically different people can actually live parallel lives in the same geographical area and yet be allowed to continue to be competitively radically different. Hello?  It’s against human nature and it just doesn’t work!  That’s why we continuously watch countries painfully and bloodily divide like amoeba.

By ‘competitively radically different’ I mean to highlight radical and conflicting prominent and fundamental differences which cannot be resolved or merged to make peaceful acceptable compromise.

For example, I might believe the ginger haired people are a legitimate food source whilst ginger haired people might not.  This is something we will never agree on and never live happily together in the same cramped geographical area about, any more than putting a pride of lions in a pen with a herd of wildebeest will ever contribute to mutual peace and harmony.

In order to live in harmony we need to compromise and communicate.  Communication is impossible when people are actively encouraged to avoid learning the English language.  Indeed, there’s the drip drip of further division by the encouragement of separatist languages within the UK such as Welsh.  A whole highly paid translation industry thrives on there being differences, disunity and anti-Britishness.

One excellent cost-cutting exercise would be to make a reasonable level of English literacy an obligation for any and all that decide to live here, including those women who are treated as property, not allowed out of their home except under male supervision, and are kept ignorant of the new world they live in.  This wouldn’t distract from their languages of heritage, which they could continue to use within their families whenever they want to talk about how terrible English people are, but at least it would mean they could communicate with those English speakers at other times.  Indeed, with so many different cultures occupying the same geographical area, even a Pakistani originating person could speak to a Polish originating person!

It is of course in the interests of those who want this country to be unstable to ensure there is division and suspicion.  Over the decades the ‘race riots’ and tension have served them well, whilst at the same time the multi-million Pound ‘race’ industry has managed to suck us dry with its duplication and fearmongering about what might happen were there no duplication.  They know what they are doing, and they know why they are doing it.

I expect Cameron’s expressing of these thoughts in public will cause screams and shouts from those who don’t want the issue addressed for fear of it eliminating their powerbase.  Naturally of course, they’ll play the race card, just as they have of late with Jack Straw’s very legitimate observations.

As soon as anybody has a hint of being called ‘racist’ about them, then the blinkered Guardian newspaper reading chattering classes have won and their noise drowns out reasonable debate or any attempts to fix things.  We can’t let them keep doing this.  We need to fix things rather than just sit on top of this powder keg ignorantly playing with matches.