Why treat other criminals differently to kiddie fiddlers?

It is a general rule of societies in the ‘civilised’ world to despise and ostracise paedophiles. We want them castrated, branded, not living among us, and really, I suppose, we want them dead. If we can’t have them dead, we at least want them locked up and the key thrown away.

To me, this is perfectly acceptable treatment for somebody who has ruined another human’s life. The bit I don’t understand is why our desire to treat offenders against humanity in this way stops with those into child pornography and child abuse. Why aren’t we doing this with everybody?

I don’t mean to distract from the living hell that an abused child carries with them into adulthood and for the rest of their life, but surely a person who holds another captive and tortures and punches them about in order to get them to hand over their old age pension, or those who have murdered, should equally be cast out from our society. Some might argue that taking a life is a far worse sentence for a victim than sexually abusing them. Yet we don’t want to inflict the castration, branding, exclusion from living among us, or death on anybody but the paedophile.

Am I alone in not getting this?

I’m all for an ‘offenders’ register, and ‘offenders’ who have comitted crimes in which there were victims being treated the same as the paedophiles. This is what all offenders deserve instead of almost gaining kudos and notoriety as if they’d effectively done nothing but a cool thing.

Only when we treat all criminals with the same disdain and disgust that we treat paedophiles with will we actually start to make our homes and daily lives safer and cast this evil from us.