Hackney racism part 2

It’s Flashback Friday.  Every Friday we bring back a golden oldie article from yesteryear. A chance for you to re-read it and see if it is still relevant today!

I have previously reported the racist policies of East London’s Hackney Council, manifesting themselves through the Hackney Empire. It was the case that a mixed bunch of, for example, black and white people all working together and deciding to have a night out at the Empire would have been charged different prices regardless of the fact that their ability to actually pay was the same. The white folks would be charged £12.50, whilst anybody appearing to be black would only pay £2.00.

Quite rightly, this apartheid was objected to by the Commission for Racial Equality, and so the policy was begrudgingly amended to indicate that everybody would be charged the same price, but they would like to try to entice people who don’t come to the Empire to make a leap of faith and come see a show. They said that they wanted cheap tickets available for ‘black and ethnic minorities’ to get them to attend, and amended the publicity to say they were making efforts to inform the ‘black and ethnic minorities’ about the shows available and how they should attend.

However, historically, one of the most packed out shows at the Hackney Empire is the “291 Club” which is aimed at Afro-Caribbean audiences, and has a 99% black audience. It is a very loud talent show, with the baying crowds being quite vicious as they destroy the nervous new (black) acts, hosted by a black female impersonator called Dibbi who is far more savage than Lilly Savage.

Bearing in mind that “291 Club” audiences are all but completely black, were cheap tickets ever made available for whites, in an attempt to attract them to the black-oriented ‘urban’ shows they wouldn’t normally go to? Nope. What a surprise!

Failing that, what attempts are being made by Hackney Council to attract those from the ethnic groups not normally attracted to these black-oriented ‘urban’ shows?

Finally, try as I do, I keep failing to find who it is that keeps the register of the ethnic group of each person attending the Empire, yet I keep being told that people from ‘black and ethnic minority’ communities need to be enticed to go to the Empire as they are not going.

Where is the official ethnic head count and tally to support this claim? What’s that you say? There isn’t one? It’s all just an assumption or completely fabricated? Oh, what a surprise.

This offically backed racism in Hackney must stop and it must stop now!