Leave Prince Harry alone

It’s Flashback Friday.  Every Friday we bring back a golden oldie article from yesteryear. A chance for you to re-read it and see if it is still relevant today!

So, our future King was caught on camera enjoying himself at a fancy dress party, and now it’s the end of the world.

Accordingly to psychic bum-reader and bad advert for cosmetic surgery, Jackie Stallone (Sylvester’s 150 year old mother), currently lounging around in the UK’s Big Brother house, neither Charles nor Wills will be given the big chair, and it will fall to the younger Harry to be our next King.

Anyway. Poor Prince Harry went to a fancy dress party. A lot of kids his age do. It was themed as ‘colonials and natives’ and so he innocently went wearing a quite fetching mock-up Nazi desert uniform.

Kapow! The world ends. The screaming banshees and professional moaners come leaping from the shadows to say he is evil and should apologise for such a thing. He’s now apparently not fit to follow a career in the services, a disgrace to the monarchy, bla bla bloody bla.

Now, I’m not a royalist. I can’t see what their function is in this modern world, but leave the kid alone.

People quite often pick mass murderers to dress up as for fancy dress parties. It doesn’t mean they support or believe in what they did, does it? Quite popular at the moment is Osama Bin Laden, yet nobody screams and shouts about that. Vlad the Impaler certainly spent a career killing millions of people, yet it’s fine to dress as him. Nobody yells at Vicar and tarts parties, or people dressed as Catholic Priests which could be argued promotes child molestation, yet what do we get, an outcry about a pretend Nazi uniform.

Let’s ask ourselves why the opportunity was used to whine. Aha. It’s not about the millions of Polish rounded up and executed by the Nazis, nor is it about the systematic wiping out of gypsies, nor is it about the general drive to conquer Europe, killing millions in the process. Nope, it’s about the Jews, and what happened to them.

Jews, currently systematically invading and committing genocide in Palestine, constantly want the world to ignore what they are doing and instead be pre-occupied with what the Nazis did to them 60 years ago, and believe they were the only race to suffer during the Second World War. Jews have an institutionalised racism and paranoia taught as part of their belief system, and so constantly create smokescreens by reacting to unimportant and irrelevant things like kids dressing up at fancy dress parties. Since Jewish people have prominent positions in Western society, they always ensure there’s a reaction or an angle to any story that forces people to feel they’ve done something wrong.

Prince Harry has done nothing wrong.

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  1. It was a pretty dumb thing to do though, if he didn't want a big row.

    You don't need an “A” level in media studies to know that if you are a member of that family, and you go to a party dressed as a Nazi, there will be outrage in the red tops.

    anonymous beekeeper


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