The arseholes upset at Duncan Bannatyne protecting his daughter

What exactly is the mental condition that those lilly-livered liberals slagging off Duncan Bannatyne are suffering from?

Let’s start from the beginning.  Duncan Bannatyne, the 62 year old self made millionaire and one of the stars of Dragon’s Den, the TV show where people with ideas pitch for real investment from real ‘dragons’, received some emails and then tweets via Twitter from somebody telling him to pay £35,000 to “stop us hurting your Hollie.”

The intended victim of ‘hurt and pain’

The phrases about the intentions against Duncan’s daughter were, “We will bring hurt and pain into your life. We are watching her. She is very attractive. Want photos?”

Later taunts included, “Hollie is going to get hurt. We will bring pain and fear. You should have expected us. We are the men of Belarus. getting closer you. and you coward”

These were followed by, “We do not give up. We will stand tall. You should have paid. £35,000 to stop it.”

Later still, “Contact us to pay. We are little watching. Expect us. We are the men of Belarus.”

No sane parent can possibly dismiss the horror and fear and torment that such a collection of threats bring with them. It must be absolutely awful.

Millionaires are often targeted with kidnaps and demands for ransom and extortion, and so this must have been a constant possibility facing anybody with money, like Duncan and his family.

No sane parent can dismiss the instinct to protect their child from predators, or how the fear and horror grows to anger and counter-threat in order to keep at bay those who would do harm.  It’s an instinct to pick up a club of wood and stand in the way of a wolf advancing on a child and posture at it and attempt to beat it off.  Anything but allow the child to be subjected to the pain and hurt.

Instinctively Duncan responded to the threats with a posturing message on Twitter saying, “I offer £25,000 reward for the capture of the coward – double if his arms are broken first.”  A message that was, quite rightly, designed to fight fire with fire, meet force with force, and to indicate that he had strength and resilience so wasn’t going to roll over to their demands.

Most importantly, it spoke exactly the same language as those who wished to harm his daughter.  It made them stop and think.  And this is what is needed in this world if we are to fight those who wish to hurt us.

However, disgracefully and disgustingly, the liberal arseholes on Twitter were outraged.

Nope, they weren’t outraged about the awful things that had been threatened would be done to Hollie. They weren’t outraged about the fact that somebody had dared to try to blackmail a millionaire.  They weren’t outraged that Duncan had offered cash for the capture of those who intended to hurt his daughter. Instead, they were outraged that Duncan had, in a fit of defiance, added the phrase that he would double the reward if “arms are broken first”.

That was it.  The original horror story was completely lost.  Instead, the nutters filled their Twitter streams and blogs with pontification and blustering and huffing and puffing about how bad it was for Duncan to say such a thing.  In extreme rants, some wanted him arrested and prosecuted.

In all cases, these stupid stupid liberal fools had completely forgotten the horror of what Duncan was reacting to, and how he must have been feeling.  Of course, those who spoke out the loudest against Duncan didn’t have children of their own, had lived very sheltered lives and never had to face the horror of an aggressive attack they’d not asked for.

Those that did have children yet were outraged at Duncan’s reaction probably need a visit from Social Services, because they can’t possibly be proper parents.

So, the story then became about Duncan and what he’d said, and not about what the blackmailer intended to do to Duncan’s daughter or anything that they’d said.  It’s a bit like how the focus of these liberal tossers is always on the rights of the burglar or robber who may have been hurt in a struggle with the householder or shopkeeper they are robbing.

These liberals who infest social media with their shiny iSheep products tapping out their outrage at Duncan for wanting to protect his daughter, have some very bizarre mental condition.  It is their mental condition that is slowing the civilised world down and making it a ridiculous place to live and function within.  It is their mental condition that tries to force normal people like Duncan Bannatyne to have to give in and stand by and just watch whilst those who want to rule us through force and fear are allowed to do what they want to us lest we get into trouble for trying to stop them or stand up to them.

(Note: Within a very short time of issuing his original tweet about the reward being doubled if arms were broken, Duncan calmed down and deleted it.  He replaced it with a reward notice that still stands today, offering £30,000 for the arrest of those who threatened to hurt Hollie.  However, that didn’t stop the rantings of the liberal arseholes!)


  1. yes Alex… Duncan offered £25 grand… I'm sure if you shut the scum up for he'll do the same for you…

    Or are you another scrote who thinks violence or threats to women is acceptable?


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