Gaza concentration camp crossing opened

This is the Jewish way. It has to be stopped.

Today is a day that the Palestinian people of Gaza have longed for.  From today, they have a certain freedom of movement that is hopefully the start of them being back on the road to being treated like people rather than cattle constantly held ready for slaughter at whim. Good for them. May they react with peace and show themselves to be so much better than their oppressors.

Now then, when I first heard the news I used my place to write much, erm, more than I could write on Twitter.  It brought with it a short conversation, which I thought I should give more prominence by republishing here.

Here’s what I originally wrote:

Excellent news. The newly re-organised Egypt has not only brokered a (albeit shaky) peace deal between the ruling factions within Palestine, but honoured its promise of no longer submitting to the will of the Israeli oppressors who had demanded that the previous regime assist blockade the tiny land of Gaza and its Million plus inhabitants.

Form now on, the crossing from Gaza into Egypt will be open from 9am to 9pm (except on Fridays) and there are relaxations on the paperwork needed in order for people to cross. At last, these poor folk who’ve been herded and penned up like cattle and so deprived by the Israelis of their basic food and medical needs, get to feel some level of freedom of movement.

This is a wonderful historic piece of news and certainly relieves some of the pressure that’s been understandably building up against the occupying forces.

Now all that’s needed is for Israel to be held accountable for its war crimes and for it to remove its settlements from Palestinian land, and we might finally be on the road to peace.

The first reply was from “Shalom” who said:

You have no idea what you are talking about or what these vermin are capable of.

This was followed by a reply from “Salaam” who said:

Gaza is not a concntration camp. No gassing. No massed shootings. No piles of bodys. No eletric fence. The population is not so poor that they cant spend money importing parts to make rockets to fire at Isreali kindergartens. Gaza is a hellhole, sure. But not a concventraion camp. Be careful about te rhetoric, Chris. You devalue the legitimat claims of the Gazan population.

I then responded thusly:

Salaam said, “No gassing”

I understand there has been a considerable use of gas and phosphorus against the Gazan Goyim.

“No massed shootings”

Unless of course you bother to count the children killed for being near a crossing whilst playing, or the shiksa who were told to leave their bombed home carrying their babies only to be unceremonially shot repeatedly in the head.

“No piles of bodys”

Not even the ones inside their graves that were mashed up to a pulp by Israeli tanks deliberately driving back and forth over them whilst laughing and joking, or the unarmed ones on aid ships that were massacred from wanting to bring food to Gaza.

“No eletric fence”

A large part of the fences are electrified. The rest have trigger happy IDF soldiers who are trained to shoot the shkutz on sight without a second thought or a care in the world, such is the way they are indoctrinated against goyim.

Less and less people are falling for the false propaganda of the Israeli war machine around the world, and justice is coming, and the Gazans will be free from the tyranny. It is inevitable.

To which “David Vick” added:

Spot on, Christopher. Well said.

For which I say thanks, and invite further comments here.



  1. I was sorry to see ' Shalom ' describe Palestinians as Vermin.

    Vermin of course are creatures deemed to be so worthless and disgusting that you are allowed to exterminate them. It is usual in war to demonise your enemy, so you can glory in killing them. This is not so easy if you have to accept that the enemy is just like you, only with a different viewpoint and set of demands.

    What is particularly chilling is that Hitler saw the Jews and Gypsies etc as despicable and worthless and set about his own extermination programme.

    One result of this horrror was that the Jews got a Homeland. Why did the Gypsies not get one ?

    Is the Homeland is to be defended and expanded by using the same tactics as Hitler ?

    Peter Moore


  2. I forgot to add in the main article that I wasn't sure who 'Shalom' was calling 'vermin', although it did read as referencing the Gaza based Palestinians. Equally though, it could have been talking about the IDF/Israel.

    Polarisation and hatred of the people in this region is so high, the statement could apply to either side, dependant on the allegiance of 'Shalom', sadly.

    Unfortunately, without detracting from the awfulness of the Hitler concentration camps, I'm afraid the Jews have rather relied on our collective guilt in order to make us turn our backs and ignore the fact that they have used exactly the same tactics against Palestinians.

    The abused have become the abusers, and do nothing to prove otherwise, and I believe are now running out of our guilt credits.

    I may expand on this another time, but the core issue surrounding all the knock-on waves of problems between the Muslim world and the 'Judea-Christian' world focuses on what is happening to Palestinians. Solve this and the global tension will reduce.

    Ordinary people in the West (the 'Judea-Christian' world) are at last starting to see what's really going on, and just as we are appalled by what happened in the camps of World War Two, we are appalled by what is happening today in Gaza.

    Plus, communications have advanced so brilliantly, we can now actually see it should we doubt it. That's why more of us are saying to Israel, 'enough is enough'.


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